Green Living

Car Related Tips

  1. Keeping your tires properly inflated boosts gas mileage by at least 3.3%.
  2. Driving 55 MPH uses 30% less fuel than driving 70 MPH.
  3. Each gallon of fuel saved, prevents 20 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere.
  4. Consider using biofuels if you own a diesel vehicle. Not only does it reduce emissions, it also eliminates cooking oil waste and provides an alternative to foreign oil.
  5. Switch your air filter to a reusable, high efficiency air filter to increase your miles per gallon and to reduce waste.
  6. Plan out your days so that your errands are close together, you save both time and reduce your fuel consumption.

House Related Tips

  1. Switching to the compact florescent bulbs, reduces energy consumption by 77% and could save you upwards of $68-92, depending on wattage, over the life of the bulb.
  2. Installing a programmable thermostat could reduce your heating and cooling expenses by $180 per year.
  3. Keeping the temperature at 78 degrees in the summer and 68 in the winter, can save as much as 7-10% per year in annual heating/cooling costs.
  4. Regularly change your home's air filters, dirty filters can reduce efficiency by 20% and damage your heating/cooling equipment.
  5. Reuse your plastic shopping bags as garbage bags, to hold wet clothing, to clean-up after your dog or to go shopping with again. Better yet, buy reusable totes, which eliminate the need for the bags in the first place.
  6. Buying locally grow produce reduces carbon footprint and supports local businesses. Did you know, you do not have to look for local produce just in your grocery store? In Porter's Neck on Wednesdays and in Downtown Wilmington on Saturdays, there are farmer's markets, which offers a wide variety of locally grown products.
  7. Reduce your use of plastic water bottles by refilling them with filtered water from your home. Plastic is one of the largest space hogs in our landfills today and uses up non-renewable fossil fuel.
  8. Buy rechargeable batteries. Not only do you reduce waste, you are also helping the environment by preventing chemical leakage.
  9. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.
  10. When running a bath, do not wait for the water to reach the correct temperature before plugging the tub, just adjust the hot water until the appropriate temperature is reached.
  11. Washing your clothes in cold water, reduces energy consumption.
  12. Begin composting fruit, vegetable and yard waste. Not only does this save landfill room, but it also provides you with a great fertilizer.