Who are we?

Go Eco Disposal is a family-operated business since 2009, which is located right here in Wilmington NC. We are your neighbors and members of this community.

We have put a lot of thought into our business and how we can make a difference in our environment and our community, we are not the same old garbage company. We want to be a leader and an innovator, so we’ll be bringing you new ideas and ways to reduce your impact on the environment, reuse your “garbage” and recycle anything and everything you can. We’ll be doing our part too.

We regularly donate to these charities

  • Wounded Warriors
  • Make-A-Wish Eastern North Carolina
  • Foster Pantry
  • Saint Judes Children’s Hospital
Who we are

How you ask? How can a garbage company be "different"?

  1. We will email all invoices, robocall/text, communications to you.
    Eliminates the printing (paper), mailing, and delivery (time and fuel) of invoices and communications. All information will be emailed to you on a scheduled basis.
  2. We are offering our customers full, one-stream recycling services.
    By providing you with a single 96-gallon wheeled cart, you are able to store more recyclables and we can schedule a pick-up on a bi-weekly basis, which saves fuel and reduces emissions.
  3. We support local Wilmington NC area businesses
    We believe in our community. Our home and business are here, our customers are here and our combined future depends on each other, as a result, we have cultivated business relationships with other area business owners. Supporting local businesses feels good and helps our economy.

How's that for a start?

Do not think this is the end of our commitment to you, the environment, or our community. We have other ideas that will help to redefine what truly is garbage. More innovation to come as we grow and partner with our customers.

Who we are

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